Monday, October 5, 2009

= Day 1 of Sem 2 =

1st day of 2nd sem after a long holiday.
sleepy, blur blur...
walked 2 college tis morning, dunno y i didn't drive ^^

the 1 n the only lecture 2day -- Fundamentals of Accounting
our lecturer -- Mr Ong Peng Song ("beh song" , "pang sai ong" XD)
handwriting -- SUCKS!! @.@ like drawing 'ang gong hu'
voice -- u tot v r aging or deaf?!
lecture -- hmm.. not bad lar, better than TDM =P

I was told tat he's quite an interesting lecturer. his mouth sure will senget 1 side when he is speaking... erm, dunno.. didn't notice tat 2day as I was busy interpreting his 'unique handwriting' most of the time... will pay special attention 2 it nx week, heehee!

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