Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 Starwalk

wah… my last post was written 10 weeks ago leh, haha.

it means sem 2 final exam is getting nearer n nearer...

haiz, exam again... nvm, enjoy 1st lar... XD

assignments, presentations, tests... quite busy these days.

ehmm... I was (I would say) forced 2 join Starwalk 2day. my whole family joined, no choice

woke up b4 dawn this morning, about 5am n get ready 4 starwalk.

wait, wait n wait… it took us > 45min 4 d preparation, crazy right?

But it’s absolutely normal in my family... haha

anyway, v still managed 2 reached PISA at 6.15am XP

after that, v registered, took d first band, & walked 2 Pelita 4 breakfast as usual

(all of us r non-competitors, so nvm... heehee)

joined back those starwalkers after hving our breakfast n continue the walk

along the 10km-journey, I was busy taking photos of others:

doggy: hey, i'm a starwalker too! ^^

pakai baju melayu kah, dik? haha

slippers?! 10 km woh

palnned 2 hv breakfast here nx year... wakaka


some1's interviewing her actually
gambate, aunty!!


v r malaysian!! 1 malaysia, buang sampah bersama-sama!
(jooking... XD)

can i borrow your mini bike? keke

wah... so syiok!

i lagi syiok.... heehee!! =P

fly high~~ in the sky...

dun play play... i'm a COMPETITOR, not a 'fun-walker'!

ppl mountain ppl sea

r u sure u r qualifyfor the competition, boy? ^^

enjoy my walk wif mom, without feeling tired or any cramp,
maybe is because i was busy taking photo all the way gua... hahaha

and finally, enjoyed michelle goh's 'laser tongue' soooo much after the walk.
added her in fb as well XP

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