Friday, August 14, 2009

Exam!! again...

still on MC 2day...
actually I felt much better n wanted 2 attend micro n acc lectures this morning
but my mom asked me 2 rest 4 another day since I was still fever
(lazy 2 drive so far, frm BM-TARC pg, just 2 attend the 2 lectures as well.. XP)

did ntg at home…
till I received an IM frm CL --- the schedule 4 final exam!!!
GOSH!!! final exam is just around the corner!!
but after took a serious look at the date of the vry last day of exam, I smiled…
03-09-09 Eng
05-09-09 H.E.
07-09-09 Q.S.
10-09-09 Micro
14-09-09 Acc
Yippee… finally!!! [u’ll know wat I mean if u really know me…. ^^]

p/s: pals, thx 4 concern. warmed. I'll be back on nx Tue.
[don't miss me too much yar… XD


  1. yalo, yalo... :>
    recieved the exam schedule while mc-ing,
    n yet i missed so many classes...