Thursday, August 13, 2009

Under the weather...

I went to GH yesterday evening (my vry 1st time in my life 2 seek medical help in GH)

It was quite a stupid experience I could say…

I straight away went 2 sleep after came home frm college tat afternoon
skipped 2 classes… ^^

my parents finally decided to bring me to GH, hoping to get the H1N1 test as the doctor in private clinic refused to write a referral letter 4 me to LGL 4 tat

it was 8pm++ when I reached GH.
after the registration, I waited the nurse 2 call my name 2 c the doc
n u know wat…
I was so sick n tired
but the only thing I can do was WAIT... gerrr!!
30 mins passed…
1 hr…
2 hrs…
3 hrs ….
OMG!!! really teruklah!!
I felt wasting my time doing ntg there n ran out of patience

but finally, I heard a nurse called my name…
I walked feebly into the room, accompanied by my mom
after examining me, the doc told me tat I’ve high fever (39 degree c)

although I had most of the H1N1 symptoms, but I didn’t hv any difficulties in breathing
the doc then recommended me to rest at home n gave me an MC 4 Thurs & Fri, refused to let me to hv the test too, disappointed...
[I‘ve already given a 4-days MC tat afternoon by the doc in private clinic actually… XD]

It was already 11.45 pm when I reached home
I was puzzled by another difficult question then…

“Which ‘set’ of medicine should I take?”
"The one given by doc in private clinic (RM 45) or GH (RM 1)?"

my dad made the decision 4 me -- took the one given by GH
n finally I took those colourful medicine after I had my dinner (bread +bak hu…so pity) at 12am.

as 4 2day, I woke up at 12pm… after having breakfast, sleep again
at about 4.30pm, my mom woke me up n asked me 2 eat some agar2.. XP
I continue 2 sleep after tat until 8pm to hv my dinner (just a few mouthful of rice… poor appetite n feel like vomiting)
n whole day gone…

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