Thursday, September 10, 2009


I was vry abnormal n crazy yesterday, super-duper HUNGRY!!!
My meals:
breakfast -- milk + biscuits + a kiwi
lunch -- hokkien mee
tea (1st) -- apples
tea (2nd) -- biscuits + hot蛇舌草精
but I could feel anything in my stomach since breakfast…
dinner – fried rice, again… LOL :D
after dinner, I finally felt something in my stomach!
continue 2 study micro then.
Again, started 2 feel hungrier n hungrier again…
but I forced myself not 2 eat anymore…
drank water instead of eating.
finally I decided 2 zzz at about 12.30am.
but, really teruk lar…
sleep oso can tahan the hungriness, or I could say was actually can’t sleep at all!!

The clock showed 1++am, almost 2am d… u guess what I did?
Boiled water 4 MEE CUP!!! Wakakaka…
So Crazy!!
but… the final conclusion was still HUNGRY!!

although it was quite a special experience 4 me,
but I do not like it at all,
especially during exam!!!

tis morning hio, can't eat pula...
vomited everything eaten in the morning
n went to the exam hall with an empty stomach =='''
but i didn't even feel hungry during the 2-hr exam...
until i reach hostel... so GENG!!


  1. 饿鬼啊?
    pity lo~
    my mom cooks so many delicious thing 4 me at home...
    just know only ate KFC's Metlz...
    damn tasty, creamy and crunchy...


  2. thx fren, 4 'sharing' ur tasty, creamy and crunchy KFC's Metlz... =='''

    but i still can't understand y was i so hungry tat day... XD