Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Octopus, yum-yum!!!

Another sumptuous dinner 4 2night
Boiled octopus -- my favourite!!!
~ Gosh... saliva's 'dripping'! ~

I spotted them in Sri Rambai wet market this morning…
mummy knew tat I like 2 eat octopus, so she bought some n try 2 cook 4 me!!

It’s quite easy to cook them actually...
Just boil some plain water n put them inside 4 a while, tat’s all!
(no MSG added in at all!!)
easy, healthy & delicious!!
although it’s mom’s 1st time cooking octopus, but the taste is still not bad!
good job mom, keep it up!! Wakakakaka….
(daughter=boss ==’’’)

another thing is…

going back to JSHS tmr!!
I’m finally free 2 go n visit u guys =)
miss u guys soooo much!

= It’s Malaysia Day 2day! =

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