Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WooHooo~~ Exam's OVER!!!

whee... exam's over!!!
I'm finally home!
came back last night, feel so good 2 be home although hv 2 drive 4 about an hr at the max permitted speed limit 2 reach BM...
it's true! cos no need 2 worry everyday about what 2 eat 4 lunch n dinner… =P

mummy cooked crab 4 dinner 2day lor…
(aiyo… 4got 2 take a photo n post it here.. haha)
yummy!! I can still smell the delicious smell of the crab on my hand! Hmm~~
hey, u! I mean YOU!
wipe off your saliva frm your chin now! hehehe

wanna go 2 visit u guys, form sixers , at sch but I was informed tat u all will hv ur final exam this fri… nvm lar..
anyway, +u to all my frenz who will/r hving exam..
exam's over~ exam's over~ wakakaka… wakakaka…. enjoying my sem break…


wanna share something with u guys...
(my housemate showed us this b4 v took d accounting exam)
funny & meaningful 4 us, students!
be patient yar…

As a student,
u must watch this.

I’m sure u’ll like it!!
Let’s support them 2gether!!

- Videos from 理六朝海帮: 放掉高中统考 -

>>> Since when v, Malaysian, became so ‘creative’ huh?
>>> ‘future Jack Neo’ frm Malaysia?
>>> Thumbs up 4 u Malaysia!
>>> Malaysia Boleh!! HaHaHa

= Happy Birthday, Huey Ting! =

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