Thursday, September 24, 2009

my sem break...

finally hv the mood 2 update my blog d, kekekeke….

Lazy 2 type much, just wanna share some photo with u guys~

1st of all...

i'm 18!! XD

Next, the footage of our 'mini gathering'!!!

- 21 Sept 2009 -

v actually planned 2 hike Penang Hill but haizz... went to the wrong place lar!!
took some photos 4 SS, swt right? hahaha... stupid experience!

b4 heading 2 Youth Park

108 yrs old gina kia < 12 yrs old?! =O
really chiak beh tua... hahaha

Penang Youth Park

step-by-step v go...

hooray! we've made it!!

started 2 do crazy things again...
really beh pai se lar!!
luckily no one was looking at us, or else they might phone Tanjung Rambutan n ask someone 2 bring us back... heehee resting + evoking our childhood memories ^^


spl & me

the sun was blazing hot man!

i like this photo, really~~ heehee

it's peeing!!! LOL

ready? go!! XP

nice shoot, right? love it!

hmm... frenz

gila-ing again

at sj's hostel, Kampar

eric 'TEN'-ing his scouting skill--fire lightning =P

our vry last group photo b4 v went back to BM.


  1. I didn't know tat guy in tat pic is me lei..hehe..原来 our backwood skills isn't trained for's for BBQ wan!!!!wakaka...

    by the way, nice edit for the "chiak beh tua" and horse pics..><

  2. thx yar~~

    survival? i don't think v really need 4 it..
    but at least v make good use of those skills mah... worth 2 learn, haha ^^

  3. hahah..jz trained4 BbQ=.=....

    enjoy yr sem break..agrh!exam nx week..shyt